Electric Adjustable Height Desk with Charging Station, Brushed White

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Make healthy choices and enjoy the most innovative workspace for an active lifestyle with furniture that moves the way you do. Update your office with this ActiveLife™ electronic standing desk. The height adjusts from 29.5 to 47 inches with the Illumitouch™ seamless control panel integrated into the ergonomic, water resistant top. The digital readout shows your height level and will appear with a light touch of the control panel, then fades away after a few seconds when you are finished adjusting. To avoid accidentally adjusting the height, lock and unlock the touch controls by pressing the button on the right side. The right side also includes three 2.4-amp USB power ports to simultaneously charge up to three devices at full speed. The partitioned drawer below the desk’s top conveniently stores desk supplies within reach. Best of all, the revolutionary AIM assembly system lets you assemble this piece in just a few easy steps, so you have more time for the things that matter.


· Height adjustable from 29.5” – 47” with smooth operating, motorized function

· Three 2.4-amp USB power ports simultaneously charge up to three devices at full speed

· Lock and unlock the touch controls with lock button on the right side of the desk

· Illumitouch™ seamless control panel features a digital display that appears with a light touch and fades for a clean look

· Wide partitioned drawer for storage of pens, pencils and other small desk items

· Ergonomic, durable, water resistant top

· Helps you meet health goals while working by reducing prolonged sitting time linked to numerous health problems

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