Ashford™ Adjustable Height Desk

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Make healthy choices and enjoy the most innovative work space for an active lifestyle with furniture that moves the way you do. The contemporary and multifunctional Ashford™ ActiveLife™ adjustable height desk features a height range from 29.5” to 47”, and three programmable height settings, selectable with the Illumitouch™ seamless control panel on the ergonomic glass top. Eco Mode puts the display to sleep five seconds after the controls are touched. For a reminder to stand up, set an alert with the GetActive™ timer. To avoid accidentally adjusting the height, lock and unlock the touch controls by pressing the lock button on the right side. Ensure devices stay powered with an integrated, multiport charging station, including three 2.4 amp USB inputs to simultaneously power up to three devices at full speed. The glass top is dry erase compatible, so you can keep reminders or today’s goals in sight at all times. The large, partitioned drawer conveniently stores desk supplies to keep essentials in reach. With the AIM assembly system, you can assemble this desk in just a few easy steps, so you have more time for the things that matter.


· Helps you meet health goals while working by reducing prolonged sitting times linked to numerous health problems

· Height adjustable from 29.5″ – 47″ with the smooth operating motor

· Illumitouch™ seamless control panel features a digital readout that appears and fades with a light touch for a clean look

· Dry erase compatible glass top

· Three 2.4 amp USBs simultaneously power up to three devices at full speed

· Preset your height preferences with three programmable height settings

· Set an alert with the GetActive™ timer for a reminder to stand up

· All controls are silent for quiet operation

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